I want to check if I can use a donor area such as my chest or beard? (Photo)

in my case what would be cost involved in the complete full coverage of my head...

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You would need to see a doctor who specialize in body hair if you want such procedure.

You would need to see a doctor who specialize in body hair if you want such procedure. In general, it may be possible but it may not give you a desired result.

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Using chest and beard donor for transplantation

Dear Sandip, I have performed this procedure routinely and successfully for over 10 years. It is important to have the correct donor characteristics and for your doctor to have the expertise and proper equipment for this kind of procedure for results to be consistent and reliable. I have a standardized protocol and use equipment that I invented to specifically excel in body hair transplantation. The attached video is an example of body hair transplantation result from my clinic and the link provided is a recent study finding of 122 patients I published in the Aesthetic surgery journal. You are welcome to consult my clinic for and evaluation and a recommendation specifically tailored to your situation.

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Wants to use beard or chest hair for hair transplant

There are very few doctor who can do this very well. One is Dr. Umar in Torrance California which routinely offers body hair transplants. 

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Can chest, or beard hair be transplanted?

sandip1409,While it is true that we can FUE hair from the beard, chest, and just about anywhere else I do not always recommend. Beard hair is the most suitable since the anlagen growth phase is over 1 year, not as good as the scalp's 2-6 years but acceptable. I have occasionally used chest hair to fill or hide scars but I always tell the patients that the anagen growth phase is only months duration before the hair thins, cycling to the rest phase. I would advise that you see a hair loss specialist for evaluation and treatment.
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