How does gum tissue heal for non-socket openings? (photo)

I received a one-stage dental implant about 10 days ago and have a gap in my gums on the rear side of the healing cap. I was worried because it seemed pretty deep on day 3 (the dissolving sutures were coming out), but my doctor said it was looking good. The tissue seems to be looking better but I still have a hole. How does this fill in? Will the tissue fill in from the bottom or sides? I've researching online for more information, but everything I've found is for wisdom tooth removal.

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Gum Healing

The human body is an amazing machine! That area will fill in over time. The gum will fill in more from the middle,remodel and smooth over, but unfortunately, because you no longer have a natural tooth there, that gum will not grow any higher to then fill in the area in between the implant and the tooth behind it. Because of that, there might be a little space between those teeth at the gumline.

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