Can microneedling soften scar tissues, or they make them worse?

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Microneedling Scar Tissue

Thanks for your question!  Microneedling can absolutely help soften scar tissue!  Be sure to consult with someone experienced in such treatments.  Best of luck to you!

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Yes microneedling can definitely helpw ith scars and it is one of the many treatment for scars. Generally in combination with PRP

Firas Al-Niaimi, MSc
London Dermatologist
5.0 out of 5 stars 4 reviews

Microneedling with PRP

Hello tmnsouri,

Microneedling will soften the scar and improve the appearance of the scar. I would recommend using PRP with your microneedling treatment for better results and faster healing. Microneedling will not worsen the scars. Best to you, Dr Faraz

Patricia Faraz, MD
Ladera Ranch OB/GYN
4.7 out of 5 stars 14 reviews

Microneedling for scars

Thank you for your question.  Microneedling will break down the scar tissue to improve the appearance of scars it will not make it worse.  Be sure to see someone who is experienced in microneedling.  Best of luck to you!

Shahin Fazilat, MD, FACS
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Microneedling can help soften and improve certain scars.  Microneedling will not likely make the scar worse.

Keith Denkler, MD
Marin Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. Yes microneedling can be used on scars to improve  appearance of a scar and soften the scar.  

Lisa M. DiFrancesco, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 34 reviews

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