Fat Transfer for Sunken Leg Scars?

I am a woman in my 30's and I'm sick of wearing pants in the summer. I have ugly sunken scars all over my legs. Last summer, I consulted a dermatologist, and he told me that he'll treat my scars by fat transfer filling them in with my own fat that he'll take out from my tummy). Then he'll refer me to a very good tattoo artist to blend my skin. He said the cost will be $7000, but for me it's like my savings; still I'm ready to pay if I can wear dresses after. Will this work?

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Fat Works for scarring

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I am a New York plastic surgeon performing the Viafill system. This system works great for scarring. $7000 sounds a little steep.

This sounds too good to be true.

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This truly sounds like the solution is being oversimplified.

I would highly recommend that you obtain more than one consult. If no one else recommends this treatment, I would discourage you from undergoing the procedure.

Obtaining a beautiful realistic result which allows you to proudly show your legs is not that easy to attain.

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