Sunken Eyes After Eyelid Surgery. Is Fat Grafting an Option?

Im an asian, im 24 years old, did my eyes 8 weeks ago.i noticed that my eyes are a bit sunken when i raise my brow. I have gone through double eyelid surgery twice. Is fat grafting safe and would the result be good? I have also read from dr.meronk's website that fat grafting is not suitable for patients who went through more that one surgery. im confused. I think i look hideous when i raise my eyebrow. very disappointed.

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Different types of fat grafting

There are different ways to add fat to the periocular either. Dr. Meronk advocates open incision with placement of small fat globules. Some surgeons will inject fat. It is true that fat grafting to the eyelid is less predictable when multiple surgeries has been done.

Post photos so that we can see exactly where you are fat deficient.

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Sunken eyes usually associated with ptosis

Without photos, it's impossible to guess as to your situation. The most common cause for sucken eyes after double eyelid surgery performed by an experienced surgeon is undiagnosed pre-existing ptosis, which will worsen after eyelid surgery (due to the weight of the swelling) before it gets better. You best option is to wait the amount of time as recommended by your surgeon and reassess the situation at that time.

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