Sunken Appearance and Wrinkles Under Eyes After Fractional Co2 - Solutions?

I had full-face fractional Co2 laser treatment over 6 months ago. It was apparent after my skin healed that the area under my eyes had been adversely affected, and over 6 months later the issue remains. When I smile there is a very noticeable sunken area under both eyes along with long, horizontal wrinkles. My under-eye area did not have this appearance prior to Co2 laser treatment. Is there anything that can be done to fix or at least greatly improve this issue? My doctor has not been helpful.

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Unhappy after fractional C02

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Having not seen you or your photos pre- and post-treatment, it is not easy to answer your question.  That said, I can absolutely sense your frustration; and I encourage you to seek consultation for further advice.  Again, having not met with you, some general treatment options include: injection of fillers, treatment with other fractional lasers, and off-label use of neurotoxins like botox or dysport.  Best of luck.

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