One of the small rubber bands on my bracket ripped. How bad is it?

My orthodontist said that in 5 days he is going probably going to take off my braces. But while I was eating chocolate one of the small rubber bands that go on the bracket ripped off. It was the 3rd to last tooth on my bottom jaw. It was also the last tooth that had those small rubber bands. Is this going to maybe push back my deadline to another month. Or would I be fine in 5 days when j suppose to get my braces off. Also on my bottom jaw only my front 8 teeth have those small rubber band.

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Probably OK

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Hi Marty,
I wouldn't expect a lot of tooth movement over a 5 (now 4) day period.  I'd recommend calling your orthodontist's office Monday morning to see what they recommend-- they may be able to get you in a little sooner.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck!

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