Is It Safe to Get a Tan While Having Laser Hair Removal?

Hello, is it safe to be exposed to the sun while having laser hair removal? How long, after each session, should I wait so that I will not cause any damage?

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It is not a good idea to get a tan or sun exposure while getting laser hair removal

Thanks for your question.

Generally, sun exposure is discouraged while getting laser hair removal, or any other type of laser procedure. The reasoning is simple: laser treatments generally cause inflammation, and inflammation can easily lead to hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure increases skin color tone, increases the likelihood of getting hyperpigmentation, and prolongs the time needed for the hyperpigmentation to resolve. So, if not only are you more likely to get hyperpigmentation if you have had a great deal of sun exposure, but you are also likely to have it longer than usual since you are tan.

Although we know that doing laser hair removal to get ready for the summer is a goal for many people, it is important to do it right and take precautions to minimize the possibility of complications so that you can enjoy your results throughout the entire summer season.

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