Sun Exposure After a Vitalize Peel Causing Problems

I had this peel almost 4 mos ago, and hydrafacial 3 mos ago, some sun exposure i guess im in texas, i develop hyperpig and some parts look like white, raise skin, open pores u named! Went to Derm Dr gave me finacea and tretinoin but another Dr. Say that i need 4 chemical peels! Im scare bc i always Outside and im goin tru depression bc how my face looks! I dnt really know what to do, i c scars too what should i do? Keep the latinos or go for chemical peels? Help!! Thanks

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How to look better after a peel

I am not sure why you had the peel...was it for acne? If yes then take the Derm's advice and get on a regime that includes the isotretinoin. Finacea is like retin a so you would not need both.

You should be using sunscreen. SPF 45 at least. This is true especially after a peel in anyone who goes out in the sun and we all do that. I would probably NOT give you any more peels. I vote for the advice given to you by the doctor who wants to treat your acne.


Hope this helps you!

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