Sun exposure after Fraxel Restore - Will wearing a wide brim hat and SPF 35 sunscreen protect?

I have had 3 Fraxel Treatments until now (40mj L5, 50mj L6, 60mj L7, 5 weeks apart). Going for 4th (65mj, L7) to treat deep acne scars on cheeks. I need to be outside for 5 hours(12pm-5pm) total 11 days after my 4th treatment. Will be wearing wide brimmed hat and SPF35 sunscreen with 25% zinc oxide. Currently on hydroquinone 2t/day for 2 weeks prior to fraxel. Skin type V (Indian subcontinent) . Do I risk hyper pigmentation? or is this protection enough? UV index 7-9, I use daily sunscreen.

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Sun protection after Fraxel

I am concerned that you may not be able to protect your skin enough even with sunscreen and a hat. I would recommend you carrying a uv treated umbrella for better protection from the sun.

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