Can my nose become smaller? (photo)

I have a very large and wide. I'm only 18 and always have confidence issue. My nose is the only thing that bothers me.

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Nose narrowing options

Thank you for the question and photo.  Making a nose smaller or narrower essentially requires either the cartilage framework to be reduced or the soft tissue over the cartilage to be thinned.  Some people have very thick skin and underlying soft-tissue which contributes a big portion to the size and fullness of the nose.  Thinning the underlying soft-tissue is required for these patients.  Over-thinning cannot be done because of the blood supply, so there are some inherent limitations to how much nose can be reduced or made thinner when the skin and underlying soft-tissue is fairly thick.

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Can my nose become smaller?


 In the operations like “nasal tip correction”, “simple rhinoplasty” there is no need for a bone excision however these minor operations cannot be beneficial for everyone. The operation type is need to be determined by the surgeon according to needs of the patient. In these minor operations the rhinoplasty is performed with closed method. The bone and the cartilage tissues are not involved in the surgery directly. Small nasal bumps can be removed in these operations.

In the operation that needs the bone and cartilage tissues to be involved; open approach is used. In the procedures with open approach, the size, shape and functionality of the nose can be improved. The big nasal bumps can be removed and septal deviations can be corrected providing a better nasal airway.

Bulent Cihantimur, MD
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A rhinoplasty can narrow your nose, but you have to be prepared for prolonged swelling during the recovery period. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Thank you for your photo and question, you can benefit from tip refining  also benefit from reducing the width of your alar base for a good result. Please consult carefully with a board certified PS. Best of luck!

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Treasure.mills, of course it can but to what degree would require an exam. See an experienced surgeon that specializes in "only faces" and has great photos. See the video and good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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African-American rhinoplasty

African-American rhinoplasty can reduce the wide tape and also the wide nostrils and make it more appropriate for the facial aesthetics.


Dr. J

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Hello and thank you for your question. Based on your photograph, you may benefit from a tip refining rhinoplasty. Your surgeon can accomplish this by trimming, suturing, and reshaping the cartilage in your lower nose. Cartilage grafts may also be used to help improve tip refinement. You may also benefit from decreasing the width of your alar base.  Make sure you specifically look at before and after pictures of real patients who have had this surgery performed by your surgeon and not just a computer animation system. The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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Rhinoplasty surgery may be considered for achieving a narrower nasal appearance.

You appear to have thick and oily nasal skin which may be a limiting factor in the ampont of nasal narrowing you may achieve after rhinoplasty. Consider consulting with several rhinoplasty specialists so you could see what might be best for you. Hope this helps. Dr Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Can my nose become smaller?

Noses are made of: skin, bone and cartilage. We can drastically change your bone and cartilage, but we have limited ability to change your skin. But, yes your nose can be made smaller. You need to see an experienced Board Certified PS who specializes in Rhinoplasty

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Thank you for your question and photograph.

I would recommend that you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty so they can perform a nasal examination and give you the best options. From what I can tell in your photo, you would benefit from a rhinoplasty to thin out the bridge of the nose and a tip rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the tip of your nose. This includes trimming the lower lateral cartilages and placing precision sutures to refine the tip and make it look more pleasing and proportional to the rest of your face. Best of luck in your endeavors.

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