Best Skin Cream for Post-TCA Chemical Peel?

what is a suitable cream for post tca chemical peel? i am going to treat myself with a tca chemical peel and want to know the best moisturiser to use while the skin is peeling.

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Do not self treat with TCA

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My recommendation is to NOT do a TCA peel on yourself. Regardless of the percentage (strength) of the TCA peel it is not wise. Your skin may scar, hyperpigment, hypopigment, and it may even lead to infection.

Instead of recommending a moisturizer I'm going to recommend you see a doctor for a thorough skin consultation to determine if the TCA peel is the best treatment for your skin type and condition. At that time the experienced professional will recommend the appropriate moisturizer for you to use depending on the chemical peel your receive.

Aurora Plastic Surgeon

Treating your self?

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I do not recommend that your "treat yourself" to a TCA peel. In recent years, people are getting TCA online and dermatologist are seeing permanent scarring as a result of this do it yourself procedure (I have treated 2 in the past year myself). Would you take out your own appendix? The severity may be different, but both are medical procedures that should only be done by an appropriately trained and credentialed medical doctor.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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