Suggestions on Revision Septorhinoplasty?

Hi back 3 years ago I had a septoplasty from an ENT due to not being able to breathe well and insurance covered it. After that septoplasty my nose was visibly crooked. 2 yand a half years later I went to a plastic surgeron in Birmingham, Alabama to have a septorhinoplasty. After i got my cast off after this surgery I noticed my nose was still crooked if not more crooked and I expressed my concern to my PS and he told me that he noticed it was still very be continued running out of sp

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Suggestions on revision septorhinoplasty?

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In general, a septoplasty alone will not correct the appearance of a crooked nose. In cases where the septum is very deviated, you may notice a slight difference but it will not resolve the problem. How long has it been since your recent septorhinoplasty? You likely still have residual swelling, which can give the appearance of the following:

1) Asymmetry
2) Irregularities

If your nose still appears crooked, this may be the result of swelling. In general, it is not always possible to get the nose 100% straight. Straightening a crooked nose is a very difficult procedure and requires the skill of a specialist. I would give it time and see how your healing progresses. It can take up to a year before your swelling is resolved. If your nose is still crooked at this time, I would recommend speaking with your surgeon about the next best step. If necessary, you may want to seek another opinion from a rhinoplasty expert. I hope this helps, and good luck!


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Revision rhinoplasty may be worthwhile, but you really need to get  evaluated in person so that a reasonable plan can be made.

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