What Do You Think Should Be Done to my Nose?

In general, I just want to make my nose smaller but I would like to know your opinion if this is even possible. I would also like your opinion on what I need to get done on my nose so that when I go consult doctors, I have somewhat of an idea of what I should discuss with them about what's to be done to my nose. I also provided a picture of a nose I like so I can give you an idea of what I want even though I know realistically I might not be able to achieve this look.

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Rhinoplasty to change the shape and size of the nose

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From the photographs that you have provided, it appears that the majority of refinement needs to focus on the nasal tip. Your side profile is very nice, with a straight profile, good projection, and appropriate rotation. From the frontal view and the base view (photographs 2 and 3), the tip appears round and poorly defined. Most of the work would focus on narrowing and shaping the tip so that is is less round and wide. This would involve shaping the lower cartilages of the nose.

Another important thing to consider is the thickness of your nasal skin. This is something that cannot be changed during nasal surgery. Everybodies skin thickness is different, varying from very thin to very thick. The picture of the nose that you like shows someone with much thinner skin and therefore, although your nasal tip could certainly be shaped quite a bit, it would likely not appear quite as refined as the picture that you have chosen. 

I hope that helps, and wish you good luck!

Best wishes,
-Dr. Asaria

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What do you think should be done to my nose?

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From the pictures, your nose has a thick tip, thick skin, weak tip cartilage and thick flared nostrils.  There will be a limit to how thin and narrow the nasal tip can be made during a Rhinoplasty.  

Shaping and refinement of a thick nose-ethnic

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Your nose is typical of many of the ones I see.  You will require soft tissue debulking, tip narrowing with numerous shaping graft for the tip, nasal bone narrowing, nasal and columellar lengthening, nostril narrowing and debulking, as well as dorsal minor hump shaving to make for a smoooth and balanced nose.

It is very important that your surgeon understand the soft triangle (upper nostril) depressions next to your tip. If these are not supported you could end up with significant alar restraction. It is worth a complete search of rhinoplasty surgeons, especially those that have before afters of thick noses like yours. You may have to travel for this but is well worth it because the nose is the center of the face and a key component of facial beauty and balance.

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