Suggestions for Improving Healing of Fresh Scar?

My lower teeth went thru my lip and left a bumpy scar (4 weeks ago). I have the most recent picture of its healing. I had the stitches in for 5 days then the doctor took them out. I have been using a product everyday called scar fade (like Mederma).

The two pieces of skin did not mend smooth one side is very raised but still seems swollen is this normal? I am wondering a few things regarding this: your thoughts on the healing process? Best treatment(surgery)? how long to wait before going in the sun with a fresh scar.

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Scar healing

At 4 weeks, it is very early. Mederma is OK to use. Give it a year before even considering a scar revision. Massage may help and sun protection with a sunscreen may help.

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Scar Healing

It's early days.... too early to start thinking about more surgery.

I recommend:

1. Scar massage -- massaging a scar firmly helps breask down scar tissue and will lead to a flatter, softer scar.

2. Sun block - prolonged exposure of fresh scars to the sun can make these scars turn permanently red or dark, making them even more visible. Put sun block on the area before leaving the house.

3. Keep the area clean and wash it gently (once or twice per day) with a skin-friendly soap like Dial.

4. Some scar treament products are better than others. In my experience, Mederma is no better than plain petroleum gel, but if it's working for you that's great. It certainly shouldn't cause you any harm. Vitamin E is recommended by a lot of people, but again many studies recommend NOT using it as a scar treatment because it can cause contact dermatitis in 1 in 3 people and actually doesn't improve scar healing (see

5. Wait at least 6 months (preferably 1 year) before considering anything more agressive than a topical scar treatment (like scar revision). It takes time for scars to really mature. You won't know what the final scar will look like until then.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Dr. Chrysopoulo

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