My nostrils are flared and exposed. What non-surgical nose job would you recommend? (photos)

I never thought anything was wrong with my nose until I started getting in to fights with my sisters an they would call me which nose etc. after this I started becoming consious about my nose. Side wards my nostrils are flared and exposed but not too sure about the bridge. Looking at my nose what would you think is wrong with it and how would I correct it. I don't want to get rhinoplasty as I am waaayyyy to scared. I want to get non surgical nose job done. Would this correct it? Thanks

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Non-surgical reduction and nostril circumference would be very appropriate for you.

Dear Sushiplus456:

Your nostrils are indeed a bit flared, a bit tall and could be helped.I think that is the most important thing.Your profile is good.It seems like all the other facial parts are good all by themselves.

I would recommend a consultation regarding fillers. Permanent fillers are available as well as temporary fillers. I understand your fears about surgical rhinoplasty, but certainly, you would be well served to have a consult with a very experienced nasal surgeon for permanent, non-surgical correction of those enlarged nostrils.

Best wishes, Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

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