Can I Suggest Changes on my Face That I Desire?

I want to have changes on my face that asian surgeons may not find "attractive as a girl". I just desire a nose and brow ridges that are more of a caucasians. Will I be able to suggest changes of my desire, and not of the surgeon's decision? Because I don't want to end up looking like everyone else who has undergone plastic surgery, and I think the nose I desire best suites me and my personality. I don't want anyone else making the decision for me.

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Communication between the patient and the surgeon

 Open communication between the surgeon and the patient is of utmost importance to make sure that the patient and surgeon are both on the same page with the aesthetic goals in mind. It is best to review the rhinoplasty surgeons before and after Photo Gallery, ratings, reviews, and perform computer imaging In addition to consultation and examination. Virtual rhinoplasty software App  is available on our website for you to try.

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Patient Contribution in Plastic Surgery Planning

Patients can and should have significant input into their facial surgery. Through listening, computer imaging and any visual input from the patient, a realistic treatment is put together by the plastic surgeon. The input by the plastic surgeon is primarily for defining what can realistically be achieved, what the risks are and the recovery will be like and to suggest any procedures of which the patient may not be aware that can help achieve the overall facial goals.

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