Can You Suggest Some Good Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Foundation for 1 Month Post Accutane.

hello doctors, thanks for your replies, but i want to know can you suggest some good moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation for 1 month post accutane. i am getting married after 6 months and my skin is extremely dehydrated even though i drink lots of water i have got wrinkles too and sometimes my skin starts peeling. please please help me out. i am so worried my skin doesn't produce any oil. one of the doctor here said that my skin will start producing oil in 6 months. well i hope so...!!!

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Good skin care and Accutane

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I recommend a good moisturizing soap, like Dove or Cetaphil. These two soaps don't have drying components in them so that helps tremendously. Then apply a good moisturizer to your full body and face while your skin is still damp. For any excessively dry areas you can apply 1% hydrocortisone, available at your pharmacy over the counter, followed by something like Lubriderm is perfect. A good sunscreen contains Avobenzone and Oxybenzone. Neutrogena makes a few that have these ingredients, as well as a few by Person & Covey, but you'll need to order those online. Person & Covey AVO SPF32 is my favorite and I use it everyday. I recommend these simple skin care tips to all of my patients, pre, post, and during Accutane.

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