Can You Suggest Cause of This Problem? Recently Had Several Injections on my Face? (photo)

However the injections under my right eye are very swollen, red and painful. The injections are clearly visible. It has been 6 days. My dr suggested allergy oills and hydracortisone cream. No success what could be causing this and can I treat it...all other sites are fine

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Swelling, redness, pain after injections

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You appear to have some bruising which could give swelling and mild pain for a week or so (in some people) after injections, whether Botox or fillers.  I would consider oral treatments (antibiotics, steroids) if it is not steadily improving and almost gone by ten days.  If it worsens with warmth, spreading redness, swelling, and pain then that could be cellulitis infection and requires antibiotics. So, if it is not worsening like this, I would give it five more days. If you took any medications or supplements that thin blood (fish oil, vit. E, garlic) before your treatment you are more likely to bruise.  Another less likely possibility, is granuloma formation from fillers.  This is a swollen red inflammatory lump under the skin.  We usually treat this by injecting cortisone. 
Return to your cosmetic specialist for a proper evaluation.

Sandy Dermatologic Surgeon

Can You Suggest Cause of This Problem? Recently Had Several Injections on my Face?

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You did not mention "what was injected?", How much was injected? I would start on PO antibiotics, steroid dose pack, and warm compresses. 

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