How to fix hollow eyes and damage done with Juvederm in my tear trough?

I have very hollow eyes and as I have gotten older they have gotten worse. I had Juvederm put under my eyes for hollow eyes and dark circles about 3 years ago and I LOVED the results. However about 14 months ago I went for more Juvederm in my eyes because it had worn off and on one of my eyes I ended up with a permanent bump and bruise. It is ALL I see in the mirror. Any recommendations? I have been back to the doctors offices but was told there was not much I can do with time it will go away

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Juvederm to tear trough

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I believe what you are describing is a granuloma? This will go away with time. Sometimes a laser treatment like Cutera Genesis can help resolve it a bit quicker, but mostly, they do just take time. I personally do not recommend Juvederm be used in the tear trough. Restylane is preferable here. And for some people, actually filling the central cheek area with Voluma resolves issues with the tear troughs.

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At 14 months most of the product should be dissolved.

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At 14 months most of the product should be dissolved. If you have remaining product it is possible to have this removed with hyaluraonidase injections. 

Your other option is to give the area time to heal on its own. The product or bruising should resolve with time. 

Best of Luck

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Tear trough

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 I can't tell without seeing you, but I see people with persistent hyperpigmentation, discoloration, swelling and bumps/swelling under their eyes from filler done by other practitioners, and I have a lot of success reversing it using hyaulronidase injections which dissolved the hyaluronic acid filler.  Filler under the eyes can last for years in some cases, so if you are unhappy you should find a great board certified experienced cosmetic doctor like a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, that has experience using hyaluronidase and see if you are a candidate for it. 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
Paramus Dermatologic Surgeon
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