I have big problem with body odor! I've had surgery on my armpits but it wasn't effective. What's the best alternative?

I use to surgery my armpit gland but it is not successful to cure my armpit odor , however I am no more sweating. The odor happens constantly. Right now I have some small lump in my armpit . I used all things like banking soda , chlorophyll, zinc ,and many deodorant, .. Nothing can help me ! What should I do now?

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Big problem with body odor!

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your odor issues.  If you no longer have significant sweating taking place you may be suffering from another process, such as hidradenitis supporativa.  I would recommend talking to your primary care doctor about what may be taking place, they can then refer you to the appropriate specialist.  Hope this helps.

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