Had Radiesse to naso-labial. In your opinion should I wait or is it time for more injections? (photos)

Time for more radiesse in naso-labial....? Sculptra ? Thanks.... I LOVE my doctor, trust and value his opinion and will be seeing him soon... just curious what others think

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Radiesse in the Nasolabial folds. How much is enough?

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Aesthetic analysis is the most important step in the beautification of the face. I see so many patient coming to the office with over filled lips and NL folds by injectors who don't understand the concepts of facial proportion and harmony. I don't believe that one needs to totally obliterate the NL folds, after all this is a natural anatomical future that should be preserved. A deeper fold that comes with aging can be improved with Radiesse or other long lasting fillers like Perlane, but some suggestion of the fold is an important part of the facial appearance.  In your particular case the photos show that you have a narrow face that could be aesthetically enhanced by creating some width in the lateral cheek bone area. This could be done with Radiesse and a blunt cannula that would result in no bruising and minimal discomfort. The technic is demonstrated in the video bellow. 
Thank you for the question and the beautiful photos.

More Filler Injections?

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I think you look wonderful and could definitely wait longer to get more filler injections. Right now everything looks very natural and adding more runs the risk of making you look over-filled. 

Channing R. Barnett, MD
Boca Raton Dermatologist
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