Having Suffered Third Degree Burns from Laser Liposuction, Should I Consider Traditional Liposuction?

Having suffered major burns from laser lipo - which are still healing into hideously ugly scars on the back of my arms and on top of my thigh - I am now considering traditional lipo (tummy, thighs) instead. I just want the fat removed, with no risk of getting burned. Opinions? Pros + cons?

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Burns after Laser Liposuction

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I am sorry you have been burned. Your case illustrates why most docs that have been performing liposuction for a long time do not think it is best for their patiets.

Since the public thinks the laser must make liposuction better, there is a strong incentive to offer it. Also a doctor that is new in the field can get mislead by listening to enthusiastic sales pitches for the equipment.

To get rid of the fat without the risk of being burned, you should seek tumescent liposuction with micro-cannulas.

With the tumescent technique you avoid the risks of general anesthesia. Micro-cannulas are small liposuction tubes that give a more even and smooth results.

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Laser and ultrasound liposuctions have many risks I don't feel are worth taking.

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Laser and ultrasound liposuctions tend to have many risks and burning the skin or puckering are just not worth it.  Tumescent liposuction with the micro canulas gives the best results with the least risks in my opinion. The cheapest lipos now are the laser lipos and for good reason.  You get what you pay for in liposuction. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Burns after Laser Liposuction

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I am sorry to hear that you have had burns after laser liposuction.  You are right that traditional liposuction won't burn you, however, I feel that the results are less than laser, specifically with skin tightening.  The laser devices heat up the collagen in your skin resulting in about 50% tighter skin above where the liposuction was performed.  Traditional liposuction suctions fat, but doesn't really tighten skin.

I use the latest laser liposuction device called the GPS Lipo-Lipocontrol Laser.  It uses a unique fat mapping technology and a GPS camera to monitor where the laser energy is being applied to the fat.  The laser will turn off firing if the surgeon stops moving so that it won't burn your skin.  The laser will also turn off if the surgeon is applying too much energy in one area.  The GPS camera allows the surgeon to apply the laser energy evenly throughout the fatty layer so that there are smoother results without burns. You should also see a board-certified plastic surgeon to do your liposuction, not an untrained doctor in a cosmetic clinic or med spa.

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Traditional liposuction is just as good as laser liposuction without the risk.

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Laser or ultrasonic liposuction introduces electromagnetic energy to assist the procedure.  This energy is converted to heat to improve the results of the procedure.  I have used all modalities and I do not personally feel there is any advantage over conventional liposuction which has no risk of burning the skin.

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