My Dr. Thought I Had an Hernia, but in Reality It Was Diastasis Recti

My doctor thought I had an umbilical hernia, which I never did, now I realize that it was diastsis recti all along and I still have it! But now i'm scarred for life on my bellybutton and whats worse is that thedarn dr left it deformed, triangular instead of oval. I wish I could sue him! That happened in May of 2009. What do you recommend? Will a tummytuck fix the whole problem? I don't have a picture for it though.

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You need to see a plastic surgeon about your abdomen

Without photos it's hard to say if you would benefit from a TT.  If you have a moderate degreee of abdominal protuberance when your abdominal muscles are relaxed you might be a good candidate.  There are several things a TT addresses.  One is excess skin, but the other is muslce laxity/separation.  Most women need both problems addressed although to differing degrees.  I have seen women with lots of laxity/separation, but less skin than others who have lots of skin, but tighter muscles.  You should see at least one board certified plastic surgeon to get an examination and recommendation.  Keep in mind that with a standard abdominoplasty and incision is made around your umbilicus to free it up from the surrounding tissues so they can be pulled down without dragging your belly button along.  You umbilicus will never look exactly like it did, but prehaps it can be improved.  Don't despair, yet.  Get some solid recommendadtions.

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Tummy tuck after umbilical hernia repair

A tummy tuck may be an option for you given your diastasis. However your umbilicus might be at risk depending on the type of umbilical hernia surgery you had performed. A tummy tuck is an option but you would need an determine your options.

Elizabeth S. Harris, MD
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