Is Sudden Tightness and Swelling Normal After Breast Augmentation?

I had my BA done almost 2 wks ago. This morning I woke up and my left breast is swollen and hard. It reminds me of my breast after I had my child when I was engorged. Is this normal?

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Swelling is Concerning

This is not a normal occurrence.  This swelling may represent a fluid collection (hematoma or seroma).  This deserves immediate attention by your PS.

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New swelling two weeks after surgery

It is not normal for the breast to swell 2 weeks after surgery all of a sudden, I would be worried if you tore something and have a hematoma. Please contact your surgeon immediately.

Sudden changes in the breast after augmentation are not normal.

A sudden change in breast size after a breast augmentation is not normal. This could be due to bleeding, fluid accumulation, capsular contracture, or infection. You should see your board certified plastic surgeon immediately.

Sudden changes in breast appearance are never normal

Sudden changes in breast size, shape and appearance are never normal, whether they occur shortly after or years after breast augmentation.

Shortly after is likely hematoma, seroma, infection.

Long term is can be capsular contracture, implant failure, breast cancer etc.

Sudden tightness and swelling is not normal

Contact your plastic surgeon to be seen today.  Bleeding or infection are two concerns that can cause your symptoms and need to be ruled out by examining you.

Breast Augmentation Post op Concern

Contact your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible.  He may need to see you today to avoid complication issues.  Best wishes for a fast recovery!

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Swelling after breast augment

This swelling is not normal and you should see your PS asap. It could represent infection, early capsular contracture, bleeding, or a seroma. The treatment will depend on the diagnosis.

Is Sudden Tightness and Swelling Normal After Breast Augmentation?

A sudden change as described could be a hematoma. Best suggestion is to call your surgeon, discuss what is going on over the phone, and let him/her suggest if you need to be seen. Today.

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See surgeon asap

The sudden swelling two weeks after surgery could be a sign of hematoma or seroma. Please contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

Is Sudden Tightness and Swelling Normal After Breast Augmentation?

The sudden tightness and swelling two weeks after breast augmentation most commonly is a sign of hematoma.  This is where really the patient needs to get in touch with the surgeon and most likely that hematoma needs to be drained.

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