Sudden Swelling and Twitching 6 Months After Ribgraft Revision- Why? Should I Worry?

Hello, I had revision rhinoplasty with ribgraft 6 months ago and few days ago part of my left sidewall suddenly swelled up little bit and I am experiencing almost constant twitching in that place. There is no pain it is just twitching, feels heavy and since then my left nostril is little bit choked. Unfortunately I am from Europe and my doctor is from US so I cannot go to see him. Could it be an infection or just random swelling which will go away by a time? Thank you very much

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Swelling 6 Months after Nasal Revision with Rib Graft

Increasing swelling 6 months after a revision rhinoplasty with placement of a rib graft is not normal. You ask about an infection which is possible. If you cannot see your surgeon, call him and ask for a referral in Europe to examine and evaluate your nose.

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Twtiching of chest wall

It is difficult to say what this is. It may represent spasm in the muscles that were manipulated to obtain the rib graft. It is a good idea to see another plastic surgeon near you to be evaluated just to make sure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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