I have sudden sensory neural hearing loss after tympanoplasty. Can hearing come back?

I have sudden sensory neural hearing loss two days after tympanoplasty. My doctor prescribed strong steroid for 2 weeks. But I think it's why lots of blood vessels were cut through ear operation. Can hearing come back?

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Hearing Loss post Typanoplasty


This is VERY rare and may not be related to you surgery however there are some key things you need to check. For one, confirm its sensineural hearing loss, if it is (and I assume it is steroids as well as close monitoring is the key. You need to also confirm with your surgeon that there are no signs of injection (which I am assuming he/she did).

Finally, there is always the chance of damage to the bony structure around your hearing organ which typically is temporary, but in some cases can be permanent.

The best advice is to stay positive and follow instructions and give it time, the odds are it will come back. But, the key is to see your surgeon and follow their advice.

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