Sudden Pain 4 Years After Silicone Implant Surgery?

I got silicone implants 4 years ago and my right breast implant has had minor issues. It developed mild capsular contracture shortly after surgery, and had some shooting pains during the initial healing process. Then, after healing and returning to normal, I noticed a lot of numbness on the bottom portion of the breast. Years passed pain-free. Now, over the course of the past 4 days, a couple times a day I've had a dull shooting pain in my breast in a specific spot. Could this be a leak?

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Breast Pain 4 years Post -Op

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In most cases silicone implant surgery does cause scar tissue, capsule and in some cases it can be thicker in some areas than others. In some cases you may have been exercising and ripped a part of heated scar tissue along with the muscle attached to it and the next day you get pain in that area. I would deep massgae and cold compress for 48 hours followed by heat with stretching. In most cases it will go away in 3 to 6 weeks if it does not you should get a mammogram and see if there is a rupture of the silicone itself.

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Breast pain

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There are many reasons that you may be experiencing breast pain and the pain may not be at all related to having breast implants.  I would advise a meeting with your Ob/Gyn to begin investigating the cause of your discomfort.  Some tests, such as a mammogram or MRI, may help to reveal the source of the pain.  Good luck.

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Sudden Pain 4 Years After Silicone Implant Surgery

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When leaks occur they are almost all without symptoms, unless it is significant enough to cause a change in contour. Pain from a leak is most unlikely.

When pain is accompanied by capsular contracture, the contracture is a likely cause. Otherwise, keep in mind that breast pain is not uncommon in women both with and without implants. There can be multiple causes, many of which are musculo-skeletal. 

I do not consider myself an expert in breast pain, so in this setting after I see a patient with implants who has breast pain I will usually refer her to a breast clinic. Most commonly the pain resolves without any diagnosis being made. When a diagnosis has been made, it has usually been musculoskeletal.

Do start with a visit to your surgeon.  Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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