Why Do I Have Sudden Localized Redness Along my Incision Lines? (photo)

Tummy tuck 8 weeks ago. My incision has healed very well. Last night I went for a walk and tried running for about a block. When we got back, I noticed redness along my incision line and belly button. The redness has become well defined and slightly raised. I thought maybe an allergy to my underwear, but the same thing happened around my belly button. I use Mederma, but have been using it since wk 3.The redness is about 1 inch wide and runs the length of my incision. Could it be from running?

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Why Do I Have Sudden Localized Redness Along my Incision Lines? (photo)

Appears as a typical; ALLERGIC reaction to Mederma + sweat. Please stop the Mederma ASAP and use over the counter cortisone ointment, and other remedies. But best to see your surgeon ASAP. 

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Red rash on incision line after tummy tuck

The rash is not from running. It is impossible to diagnose from a photo though the 'rash' suggests atopic dermatitis in response to something contacted in a sensitive healing area. The over the counter things to do are Benadryl for itch, Ivory soap for the skin, and hydrocortisone cream off the shelf. Do have your surgeon take a look.

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