Why Do I Have Sudden Localized Redness Along my Incision Lines? (photo)

Tummy tuck 8 weeks ago. My incision has healed very well. Last night I went for a walk and tried running for about a block. When we got back, I noticed redness along my incision line and belly button. The redness has become well defined and slightly raised. I thought maybe an allergy to my underwear, but the same thing happened around my belly button. I use Mederma, but have been using it since wk 3.The redness is about 1 inch wide and runs the length of my incision. Could it be from running?

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Why Do I Have Sudden Localized Redness Along my Incision Lines? (photo)

Appears as a typical; ALLERGIC reaction to Mederma + sweat. Please stop the Mederma ASAP and use over the counter cortisone ointment, and other remedies. But best to see your surgeon ASAP. 

Red rash on incision line after tummy tuck

The rash is not from running. It is impossible to diagnose from a photo though the 'rash' suggests atopic dermatitis in response to something contacted in a sensitive healing area. The over the counter things to do are Benadryl for itch, Ivory soap for the skin, and hydrocortisone cream off the shelf. Do have your surgeon take a look.

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