What to Do to Fix Large Gap in Teeth?

i suck my finger for about 20 years and i have a big gap on me teeth. Its possible That my teeth can be normal again? I feel so sad tht i dont have a proper smile, can you help me or advice me.tnks

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Moving teeth is always better than restoring them.

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The best way is to try to move the teeth into their proper possition. This may involve braces or invisalign and sometimes even jaw surgery if the discrepancy is to large. If the teeth have good shape and color this is all you need.

However, if your teeth also are un-esthetic or mishaped, discolored, chipped, or worn, then you may benefit from bondings or veneers as well.

If you do not want to go through braces or invisalign, then you can go right to veneers but it may be a bit compromised or require more agressive grinding on the teeth. There is a limit to how large a gap can be corrected with bonding or veneers before the teeth start to look too wide.

Hope this helps.

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