Has Anyone Had Success with Hyperbaric Treatment for a Tissue Flap from a Facelift Not Getting Enough Blood/Oxygen? (photo)

I just had my first treatment to see if it would help, since 9 days after my SMAS facelift I have areas that are struggling to heal right and turning dark. Doc put me on Nitropaste, but we went ahead and started hyperbaric treatment today, to my insistence. Anyone have luck with this? Scared... don't want necrosis/scarring... just wanted to be prettier.

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It is very rare to have skin loss in front of the ear in a facelift. However you seem to have a severely compromised blood supply  to the skin. If there is too much tension, Then open the stiches. if no tension then the nitro paste and hyperbaric treatments is your only hope to decrease the amount of skin loss. The skin needs extreme care to prevent infection  

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