Any Success After Greenstick Osteotomy to Manually Readjust Bones?

I had revisionary rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago. There was a greenstick osteotomy preformed. My nose drifted quite dramtically to one side as a result. My Doctor is having me push nose every hour on the hour. I have spent a lot of time pushing my nose for over two months. I would like some anecdotal information on the possible futality of this effort or possible benefit. Is it ever effective? If so, what factors increase chance of effectiveness?

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Pressing on nasal bones most likely ineffective

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  IMHO, it's unlikely that you'll be able to press a greenstick fractured nasal bone into the midline.  Nasal bones need to be fractured completely to make them mobile...a greenstick fracture is like exactly what it's called.  Take a green stick and bend it.  It splinters but does not have a clean snap or break.  Nasal bones with this type of fracture are unlikely to stay in the midline and tend, IMHO, to deflect outward. 

Manual molding of fractured nasal bones following rhinoplasty

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This is a valid technique and has actually worked well in my practice occasionally when the fractured nasal bones are slightly misaligned.  It is true that this technique will only work in the first four weeks, maybe six at the outside.  At two months, I would be surprised if it will be helpful any longer.  You might want to address these issues with your surgeon.  Good luck.

Adam D. Stein, MD
Raleigh-Durham Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Manually shifting nasal bones after rhinoplasty

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The idea of "nasal exercises" in which you manually push on nasal bones after rhinoplasty surgery to tweak their position is a good one. I have patients use this technique periodically after surgery myself. I equate it to using braces to reposition the teeth. Typically the nasal bones will heal solid after about 6 weeks or so.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon to see how you're progressing.


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Facial bones heal very quickly.

Once healed you can push as much as you want, they will not move.

Only another surgical procedure with osteotomy and what ever else is needed, dependant on physical exam, can straighten the bones and the nose.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Shifting bone position after rhinoplasty

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The concept of pressing on fractured nasal bones to help 'guide' their position is a valid concept - especially in the first 3-4 weeks after surgery.  After 2 months the bones are likely fused solid

Greenstick Fracture

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Rather than continuing to repeatedly asking physicians on this post similar questions about your greenstick fracture and getting second opinions from other physicians as you are doing, consult with your surgeon who does excellent rhinolasty work.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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