Considering a Subtle Rhinoplasty. Opinions Please!

Hi all I'm considering a rhinoplasty to give my face more definition and a softer profile. I've had my first consultation and was recommended a subtle rhinoplasty, shaving down the bridge, raising the tip and dividing the muscle which pulls my nose down when I speak. Do you think it will be worthwhile? And what kind of nose do you think would suit my face? Photos welcome. I was also worried about the idea of taking anything off my nose because it's already small compared to the rest of my face.

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Subtle Rhinoplasty (Indeed)

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Unless you have specific things about your nose you do not like and you think about them every day then I would leave good enough alone.  Although I love doing rhinoplastys , your nose already has good balance, angles, and dimensions AND it is completely natural so I would not have many if any recommendations for change.  Hope this helps...RAS 

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Be careful with rhinoplasty

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Not every nasal shape can be improved by surgery.  If you came to my office, I would not do anything unless we had a very well-defined objective and you saw similar patient results that you liked.

You have a slightly low radix, which, if raised, would make your bridge a little straighter.  I would ever have an open rhinoplasty, which can introduce many new deformities in you.  Please be careful, and unless you are convinced of the plan and trust the surgeon, do nothing.

Mark B. Constantian, MD, FACS
Nashua Plastic Surgeon


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I think your nose looks very nice and I would not touch the profile. If the tip is a bit wide, you may want to consider that area for treatment only.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great choice for the "fine details" rhinoplasty

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty contours the nose by using fillers under the skin.  Often the ability to perform small changes is better than with surgery.  While at first it may seem counter-intuitive to make the profile softer by adding to it, the fillers can de-emphasize small bumps and can give the nasal tip a little lift and definition.

Certainly, surgical rhinoplasty can be helpful also, but it's nice to have more options to chose from.  The downside of the non-surgical rhinoplasty should also be a lot less, if you aren't 100% satisfied, the results are temporary.

Good luck in your search for information!

David C. Mabrie, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty for the short nose.

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Your nose is already short and the muscle that pulls the tip down can be cut. Narrowing the tip must be done by a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to prevent raising the tip. The very slight bump can be shaved slightly. Having said all that your nose is not unattractive and you should think twice before having it done. "Perfection is the enemy of good".

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Considering Nasal Surgery

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Your facial proportions appear to be well balanced.  From the photos I would agree that a conservative reduction of the fullness in the dorsum or bridge of your  nose along with elevation of the nasal tip and narrowing of the tip or lower lateral cartilages along with transection or disruption of the muscles that make your nose dip down when you smile and talk would be beneficial as well.  Aesthetically this will give you a more feminine appearance.  In my opinion you should notice a difference that is well suited for your facial characteristics should you elect to undergo surgery.

Christopher Tolan, MD
Saint Paul Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Tip plasty during Rhinoplasty

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 IMHO, your nasal bridge is fine and needs nothing,   Your nasal tip is slightly below your nasal bridge and is a bit wide which could be thinned using a retrograde tip plasty, instead of a full Rhinoplasty.  Faster healing, less surgery and no bridge bone shaving.  Again, IMHO, your cheeks are quite flat and could be more full and round which would have much more of an aestheic effect than refining your nose.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Subtle rhinoplasty

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From your photo, the dimensions of your nose (length and width) appear to be within the ideal aesthetic proportions.  You have a small hump on side view, and a slightly bulbous tip on frontal view.  A slight hump removal and refinement of the tip cartilages will keep your nasal proportions the same and "soften" the look of your nose to be more "feminine".

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
Oak Brook Plastic Surgeon

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