Is It Possible to Have Subtle Rhinoplasty on Nose Tip?

My nose is crooked in the tip which makes one of my nostrils appear higher than the other. I would like to fix this but I wonder if it would change the whole appearance of my nose?

I would like my nose to look the way it did before it was crooked and I don't know if it's possible. Ideally I would like the surgery to be extremely subtle.

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Rhinoplasty Can Produce Subtle Results

Rhinoplasty can have either a dramatic effect or a subtle effect on the appearance of the nose depending on what techniques are used and depending on the patient's preference. It is possible to correct a crooked nose an make the nostrils appear more symmetric without having to change other features of the nose.

The best rhinoplasty is one which produces a nose that both looks good and functions well. When performed correctly, other people should not be able to tell that your nose has been operated on, but rather they should that it looks natural.

The best way for patient to gain a better understanding of how their nose might look is to visit with a surgeon who uses computer imaging to set the goals for surgery. Recently, 3D rhinoplasty imaging has become available which allows patients to compare their preop picture with a simulated postop picture and look at them from any angle to see how surgery might change their overall appearance. Gaining a better understanding of what the result would look like before undergoing surgery can help make that decision.

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Subtle tip surgery is possible

It is possible to do subtle and asymmetric tip surgery to create a change. If the result is so subtle, it is probably not worth performing a tip plasty surgery if no one can really see the result. A tip plasty would normally cost around $3500. The patient just wants to make sure they are seeing enough of a result that it is worthwhile embarking on a surgical procedure on the nose.

William Portuese, MD
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Rhinoplasty comes in all sizes

There are many techniques that can be used to accomplish varyious types of changes in Rhinoplasty. I am sure that a subtle procedure may correct a subtle issue. If your problem is not so subtle, however, then a more comprehensive procedure is typically needed.

If the tip alone is deviated, then a foundation rhinoplasty may be able to correct your issue. An article I just co-authored addreses the issue of facial asymmetry and nasal deviation.

Richard W. Westreich, MD
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No problem

You can have a "tip rhinoplasty" which addresses only the area of concern.  It can be very subtle, or you can opt for a more extensive procedure.  Just be sure to be very specific with your doctor so that you get what you want.



Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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Rhinoplasty...Subtle Change of Tip, Is it Necessary to Change Entire Nose?

Hi Sasha,

Choose your rhinoplastic surgeon most carefully.  If properly diagnosed and treated, a subtle tip rhinoplasty is possible is most patients.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Tip Rhinoplasty is a possibility

Performing nasal tip surgery in isolation is a possibility, but no one can answer your question without seeing your nose. 

I disagree with other comments already posted telling you not to be sold an entire rhinoplasty.  No one can make this statement without examining your nose.

Kevin Ende, MD
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Subtle Tip only Rhinoplasty

What your are describing is that the tip cartilages of the nose are not symmetric in relation to each other. If this is your only concern and the abnormality is not too significant than you do not have to worry about the result being subtle. Correcting assymetric tip cartilages does however require a procedure that will require significant intervention and few months to fully appreciate the result. Consulting with a surgeon will give you a much better idea of what would be involved, the risks and appropriate expectations.

Edward Buckingham, MD
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Yes it is possible.

 You need to go to an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who can do subtle changes and not the whole nose. Don't be "sold" an entire rhinoplasty if you are only interested in the tip revision.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Subtle tip Rhinoplasty is possible

The overall balance in your nose will determine if tip rhinoplasty alone will be successful. You don't want to operate only on one area if it will create imbalance in the look of the rest of your nose. The tip can be affected by structures that are not in the tip, so non-tip structures may need to be fixed also. This may change the look of nose beyond the tip.

A good evaluation by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can help you make your decision. Also, using computer simulations of rhinoplasty might give you an idea of what tip rhinoplasty alone might look like. You can use this information to determine what the best course of action might be.

Good luck.

Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS
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It all depends on your anatomy

It all really depends on your anatomy. If there truly is just an isolated issue that can be changed that is great. However, often in rhinoplasty the issue is more complex that what it appears. It is best to go in for a consultation to have a complete evaluation of your nose. Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
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