What Happens to a Submuscular Implant when You Add Depth to the Pectorial Muscle?

Will increasing the density of the pectoral muscle through heavy resistance training create an unsightly (or smaller) appearance, or cause the implant to migrate laterally? I have 350cc submuscular implants (9 weeks post op) 5'3 108lbs Athletic Build 18% body fat

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Pectoral muscle bulking causes problems with implants under

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You have correctly identified some of the problems that can happen when implants are under the muscle in women who do weight training. Another one is animation problems. Boby builders have important trade-offs because low body fat equals poor coverage but under muscle can cause unacceptable problems too. For tthese reasons I started using a split muscle technique which is a variation of subfascial.more specific info on my website.

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What Happens to a Submuscular Implant when You Add Depth to the Pectorial Muscle?

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An additional issue if increasing the strength and depth of the pectoralis is lateral displacement of the implant upon contraction. Please consider this if planning on increasing the pec. 

Resistance training after subpectoral breast augmentation

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Your breast appearance is a combination of your implant (both size and style), your pectoralis muscle and your overlying natural breast tissue.  Changing the pectoralis can potentially have an effect, depending upon the role it is currently playing and the amount of future change.  The ability of the pectoralis to displace the implant laterally when flexed can vary depending upon how the muscle was divided (at what level - eg. traditional subpectoral vs. "dual plane") when the augmentation was performed.  These are excellent questions, and you should definitely discuss them with your surgeon, who should be able to advise you on what you can expect.

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Heavy resistance training after subpectoral breast implants

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As I tell my patients, it is always hazardous to predict the future.  With that said, I would not expect that increasing the muscle over the implant will make the implant appear smaller.  It is, after all, adding on top of the implant, so the breast may appear larger. With pectoralis development, I have seen more fullness in the upper area between the breast and the clavicle which can give a square appearance to the breast profile. Some patients like this look and some don't. I have also seen a few patients with implants that displace laterally when the pectoralis muscles contract and I also saw one patient whose implants displaced up and in with pectoralis contraction. So it is difficult to say how your implants and breasts will be affected. See how it goes as you work out. If it becomes a problem, there is always the option to change the implants to a subglandular position on top of the pectoralis muscle.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
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