I've Been Submersing Face into Water at 4 Weeks After Rhino, 3 Times a Day. I'm Worried That Water Pressure Was Detrimental?

I'm now 11 week after rhinoplasty in which nose bone was broken and cartilage placed as strut and on tip of nose. I have routinely been submersing my face--including nose--in water 3 times a day. Twice in a sink filled with cold water and at night in a bathtub filled with water. My nose has been very swollen and I have epiphany that pressure of water due to submersion of face is detrimental to bone of nose. Did I ruin my nose again from this ??? Please, please help. I am at end of wit.

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Submersion of the face in water four weeks after rhinoplasty is no problem.

I can see no problem with submersion of your face for weeks after rhinoplasty. However, you paid for the care of your own plastic surgeon and this question should be addressed him.

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Post rhinoplasty recovery

Dear Kristina.socha, I do not think that you have ruined your nose however there is no need to be doing this. You should not be bending upside down submerging your nose in water either in a sink or in a bathtub. Sleep elevated with several pillows behind your back, watch your sodium/salt intake, watch any excessive heat or exercise and relax!!! See your surgeon and discuss where you are in your recovery phase and discuss your concerns with swelling so that he/she may put your mind at ease. Post surgery time is a time for you, a time you should be happy and not at wits end!! Try and relax see your surgeon for reassurance. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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I've Been Submersing Face into Water at 4 Weeks After Rhino, 3 Times a Day. I'm Worried That Water Pressure Was Detrimental?

      Based upon your description, the likelihood of damage is low, but I would follow with your surgeon.


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Rhinoplasty and Water Pressure

Although I don't see an reason why submersing your face underwater at 4 weeks post Rhinoplasty would cause any harm, you may want to discuss any increases in swelling with your Surgeon.  Remember that 4 weeks is still relatively early in your recovery. 

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