Submental Swelling After 3 Days from Radiesse Injection?

The area under me chin (double chin or submental area?) is either swollen or either the radiesse that was injected in my chin has traveled in that area. The nurse put 1.5 syringes in that area and now I feel my lower face is very full and not specific in the area I wanted projection. I feel my chin and my "double chin" area looks like one big mass! Is this just swelling?? Or is it swelling that still needs to subside?

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Radiesse migrating

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Radiesse should not migrate. Without a good picture and without a description of where it was injected it is impossible to know for sure. I recommend you consult with the supervising physician at the center where you were injected. They will be able to answer your question. Good luck.

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Swelling After 3 Days from Radiesse Injection?

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Give it a full 2 weeks for the swelling to settle before seeing your final result. Radiesse can be used on many different areas on the face but best when injected directly onto the bone. Follow up with your medical provider is this issue continues.

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Swelling after Radiesse

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Radiesse is injected at a much deeper depth than other fillers and is made of a different, harder material. For these reasons it can swell a great deal upon injection. If 1.5 syringes were used on you that means 2.25cc of volume which can be quite a lot, leading to a good amount of bruising and swelling. You need to let the swelling subside over the next 10-14 days to see how the filler really looks.

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