Submental Lipectomy and Muscle Tightening On Neck 5 Weeks Ago. Left With Lumps From Hematoma? (photo)

I had a submental lipectomy & muscle tightening procedure done on my neck 5 weeks ago. A nasty haematoma resulted and now although the bruising and swelling has gone down I am left with large rubbery lumps and wrinkled skin under the chin. I had this done overseas so only communicating with the (very highly respected) surgeon by email, and getting a little nervous as there has been no real change, or reduction in the past 3 weeks. I know this will take time to resolve but should I be concerned? I have not had any blood thinners or vitamin e products, before or after the surgery, I do think that in the past couple of days it may finally be starting to reduce a little, but oddly I have a very sore throat and can feel something trickling down my throat.

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Hematoma after neck lipo

I'm sorry to hear about your post-operative complication.  I would recommend seeking an opinion from a local board certified plastic surgeon to see if anything can be done to aid in the recovery from your operation.  The sore throat and trickling probably have nothing to do with the surgery.  You might benefit from continued use of a compression garment to help decrease the swelling in the neck.

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Hematoma after neck lift

I had a similar problem with one of my patients and removed most of the hematoma in the hospital. They still had some lumps like you but they resolved with time and deep massage (endermology) of the neck. Luckily no further surgery was required. This may or may not apply to your case.
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Neck plication complication

hematoma after neck plication is not an uncommon complication. usually it resolves completely but sometimes can require revision. its best to follow up with your doctor who did the sugery for you. other option is to find a plastic surgeon in your area and get an expert opinion.

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Neck issues

Without seeing preop photos as well it can be difficult to offer suggestions. In any event you should give it 3-4 months to settle down. Some of what you see may be swelling from the surgery and issues surrounding the hematoma.  A revision may be necessary in the future or non-invasive skin tightening devices may be helpful. An evaluation in person is best.

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Submental Lipectomy and Muscle Tightening On Neck 5 Weeks Ago. Left With Lumps From Hematoma? (photo)

Sorry for your post operative complications and for choosing out of country surgery. Thus you are having follow up issues. Best to PAY for a local boarded PS to take over your care. I also wonder if you had or were a good candidate. Now I would recommend aggressive lymphatic massages with external ultrasound therapy. The costs would range from $1,000 to $3,000. Than a possible revision and maybe a open neck lift operation. Where you on any blood thinners or aspirin, or vitamin E products before the operation? Awaiting follow up.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Liposuction of Neck and Hematoma Evacuation

        After a hematoma evacuation, the area may continue to contract for quite a while.  Compression and massage may help.  The area may need a skin excision procedure in the future or something more formal.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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