Will Submalar Radiesse Filler Bring Up Cheekbone to Correct Marionette Folds Too? (photo)

i had 1/2 syringe radiesse to correct marionette lines-still some appearance of lines but i think this is due to sagging from fat pads in sub malar drooping a bit. can radiesse in sub malar area coreect this? 49 year female

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Will Submalar Radiesse Filler Bring Up Cheekbone to Correct Marionette Folds Too?

Aesthetically what strikes me when I look at this picture is how disproportionate your upper and lower lips are.  The Marrionette lines seem fine and I can't see the entire cheek shape to make an evaluation.  In MHO, you should have the lower lip augmented to achieve the proper aesthetics lip proportion before having more filler anywhere.  

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Best ways to use Radiesse to correct the nasolabial folds

Injecting Radiesse to help replace lost volume in the sub malar fat pads will absolutely have a positive effect in improving the nasolabial folds. I routinely inject both areas to get the best results. Wrinkle lines or folds are really just the first obvious visible signs of a slow progressive change taking place in all structures of the face. Radiesse is often not injected directly into these wrinkle lines and folds, but rather into multiple areas of the face to treat the volume loss that leads to their appearance. This leads to the subtle and natural-looking results that are so often desired. I will frequently begin fixing nasolabial folds by restoring the volume lost along the cheekbones, creating a much better "lift" for the area. Restoring volume can often create a much more natural look.

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Radiesse- Submalar Placement for Marionette Lines

Although I am a firm believer that Radiesse injected into the upper cheek can improve the upper nasolabial fold by creating a modest amount of traction I do not feel that submalar placement will significantly improve the marionette lines. I would inject  Radiesse below the marionette line along the border of the mandible to support the area and I would also consider the placement of Botox or a similar neurotoxin to weaken the muscles that depress the corner of the mouth. Lastly of course is the option of surgery when volume enhancement has done all that it can and you wish to have a more definitive correction. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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Correction Of Marionette Lines with Radiesse

Hello and thank you for the question.

Radiesse may indeed be used to augment the submalar and  malar ( cheek) regions.  Augmenting the malar region will have an additional bonus of softening the nasolabial folds secondarily through the creation of a tenting effect of the tissue in the malar region, drawing the soft-tissue up in a poster-superior vector and in doing so, softening the nasolabial folds.  This is a technique I routinely employ when presented with a patient which seeks to soften his/her nasolabial folds. 

Malar and submalar placement of Radiesse, or any other filler for that matter, is less likely to effect an improvement over the marionette lines. Marionette lines are typically corrected with direct injection of filler into this region in combination with the pre-jowl sulcus.  

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Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S., Diplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Radiesse increases volume in face

Yes.  As we age, we loose volume in our face.  With loss of volume, the skin of the face begins to fall, worsening the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.  Using a dermal filler such as Radiesse, Juvederm Ultra, Restylane or Sculptra can help replace lost volume and lift the face.  


Good Luck.

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