Submalar Lumps? (photo)

4 years ago got sub-malar implants (silicone medium). 2 years after I had them removed and there's still a combination lumps/loose skin (where implant was, next to nose - 'head' of the implant), mid-facial area that looks like it has volume. Almost feels like hard fat and there's no shape to it.Can anything be done to help 'undo' the trauma from submalar? Freaking out as I'm scared of having to have something major, they're clear in many pics, I just want my natural midface to shrink to how it was.

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Cheek lumps after implants removed

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From the photographs, I see three possibilities.

The skin may be stretched from the cheek implants - but that does not explain the lumps.

There was scarring around the implants. This may be helped with steroid injection but they may loosen the skin.

The implants may have started a chronic inflammatory reaction that needs to be assessed.

I strongly suggest you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon examine you and help you figure this out.

If you are seeing one already, get a second opinion. 

Hope this helps!

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