Subfascial Implants - What Size Wil I Be?

I had my silicone implants done subfascially 10 days ago. Some blogs say when you do subfascial there is swelling, some say not do much. I'm interested to hear what cup size I will most likely be. I was a B in one breast that got 400ccs and a B+ in the other that got 375ccs. When will I be my final size and is there a drop and fluff associated with subfascial?

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What size will I be?

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There can be significant swelling due to the implant placement position.  Some people obviously have more swelling and inflammation than others.  Depending on the laxity of the skin and underlying tissue, you can expect around a two size increase from the breast implants. 


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Anire Okpaku MD FACS


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Less swelling associated with subfascial breast augmentation compared to submuscular

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The muscle contributes quite a bit to the swelling that is seen in submuscular breast augmentation.  The subfascial technique usually has less post operative swelling since the muscle is left alone for the most part.  The cup size that you should eventually be is determined by the implant size, what you started off with, your height, and finally the type of bra that you purchase since brands differ in cup size and patients differ in which bra they feel comfortable in.  I suspect you will be in the full C/small D range.

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Dr Remus Repta

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