Scar Subcision / Suction

I read an article published in June (very new) that suctioning an area of subcision starting 3 days after the procedure greatly improves the outcome, like 80 percent. But no details, such as what to suction with, how long, how hard? I would be grateful for any ideas. I have two bound down trauma scars on my face that pull on muscles, making speech labored, looking freaky when I talk, causing crease. Subcision was a God send (you have no idea how many plastic surgeons never mentioned it).

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Subcision and shifting fat under the skin

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I use subcision alot to treat scars and some aging lines of the face. I have never done so in conjuction with liposuction and that makes no sense. However if can use the cannula to shift the fat and you shift it under the skin scar or between the skin and underlying scar that makes perfect sense. That is not liposuction though.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Subcision releases adhesions

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Scars can sometimes stick to muscles, which causes the skin to move with the muscle. Subcision is a technique in which the skin is freed from the adhesions to the muscle. The subcision is usually done with a special surgical needle or a surgical wire. Many surgeons prefer to inject hyaluronic acid under the freed scar to minimize the risk of re-adherence. Usually there is quite a high risk of hematoma with subcision, so the surgeon will put pressure on the wound.

Robert Kasten, MD
Mainz Dermatologic Surgeon

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