Is there any benefit to performing a subcision for a non-tethered scar?

Is there any benefit to performing a subcision for a non-tethered scar? Or can I just get filler (Juvederm)? Thank you.

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Scar treatment: fillers, subcision and/or laser resurfacing

Thank you for your question.

Subcision is the surgical use of a small knife to release any tethering fibrous bands.  If your #scar is not tethered, no need for subcision.

An easy procedure is the use of #restylane or #juvederm #filler.  Most have a bit of local anesthetics in them which makes the experience more comfortable.  I also use a topical anesthetic gel to make the experience an even more pleasant one.

Finally, a more invasive treatment would be laser resurfacing or its Sciton Erbium profractional component.  It is more invasive and therefore, fillers should be done first.

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No need for subcision if untethered

Just use Juvederm to fill in the area.  There is no need for subcision.   Juvederm usually works well and has great durability in scars such as yours.  Hope this helps.  My Best,  Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Juvederm to a scar

There are many times when injecting Juvederm to a scar will help minimize it. Untethered scars are perfect for this type of injection. Additionally, Juvederm is available in smaller size syringes, which are perfect for small scars. Depending on the size of your scar this could be an option. And finally, Juvederm to scars usually lasts longer than when it's injected into other areas.

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If your scar is non tethered, Juvederm should work just fine

We routinely use Juvederm or other fillers on untethered scars and it does great!  I hope you try it as it is usually a wonderful option for scars and very easy to do!  Good luck!

Joel Schlessinger, MD
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An injection should be suffice for treating a non-tethered scar.

Thank you for your question. An injection should be suffice for treating a non-tethered scar. That being said an in person evaluation would be most beneficial for best treatment. 


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