Is Subcision with Co2 Mixto Reduce Deep Acne Scars on Asian Skin?

I have medium tone Asian skin with deep acne scars and I received 5 matrix rf sessions which made them worst and now have new scars from it. I was told that subcision with co2 mixto is most effective when improving deep acne scars. Is this true and are these procedures performed one right after the other in the same session?

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Subcision helpful prior to Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing for acne scarring

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Subcision involves variants of minimally invasive surgical technique to loosen fibrous scar tissues that may tug downward acne scar skin, exacerbating deep acne scars. It is helpful to perform subcision prior to Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing to maximize clinical outcome, particularly for ethnic skin (as opposed to fair skin) as the penetration and energy released by Fractional CO2 laser may have to be restrained to minimize risk of post-treatment pigmentation.

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