Subcision (Amount Needed) For Acne Scar?

While reading, it says that subcision for acne scar needs to be done ore than once to see a good result. I recently went to a derm that said only one should be needed if a filler is used to prevent the band from reattaching. Can someone shed some light on the best option.

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Subcision for Acne Scars

Hi Aaron.  Our experience is that the more times we do it, the better the result.  When you subcise an acne scar you cut the fibrous tissue that binds the scar to the deeper layers of the skin and then place a layer of injection gel (like Restylane) below the scar to lift it up.  The idea is to build new collagen below the scar as the area heals and as the product degrades.

Doing the procedure once has not yielded great results for us and we encourage patients to repeat the procedure every 3-6 months as the product degrades.

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I agree with your Dermatologist that Subcision, to be effective and lasting, needs to be repeated once a month for 3 months. It also depends on the depth of the atrophic or box-car scars. At times I add fat or a filler right after the treatment.

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