Did Lower Eyelid Surgery Cause Vision Change and Dry Eyes?

subciliary lower Eyelid to Remove Fat with Bilateral Orbicularis Plication and Lift. I'm a 45yrs old Male. The Doctor said i needed this to smooth the under Eye area out. Now after Surgery it's 6 months. My Reading Vision has changed & I have Dry Eyes. And the Scars are still Red and a little long too. I can't Believe this i never had any of these issues before this surgery. Now my Doctor is telling me it's not from this Surgery. I never had any issues with my Eyes before this Surgey. I went to see a Ophthalmology he said my Eye tears are evaporating too quickly. I need Help with this.

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Dry eye is certainly possible after lower lid blepharoplasty

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Dry eye is certainly possible after lower lid blepharoplasty, but it will not have changed your reading vision. However, just dryness alone can make you more aware of your difficulty with seeing and at 45 you may now need reading glasses. Dry eye can happen after surgery if the lid has been pulled down and because there is usually less blinking for 6 months after the procedure. Punctal plugs, Restasis, and other such things might be helpful for that. But blepharoplasty will not have caused your need for reading glasses.

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