It It Common For A Dr. To Recommend A Different Style Implant For Each Breast?

i had a consult the other day and i went looking to get TT,BL,BA,BBL. Anyways, with the implant stage of the consult i tried on 3 different sizes and styles and i guess they decided on 2different styles for me to go with to be implanted. I guess since my breast tissue is on the sides and ill have a anchor lift with areola being downsized. but is using 2different styles usual a good idea and used often by PS? thanks for your answers.

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Different style implants for each breast

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Hi there-

I could not say I have ever done this....

On the other hand, plastic surgery, more than any other specialty, lends itself to imagination and innovation- there are many different ways to achieve a similar goal.

Provided that you chose your surgeon properly, and according to the most appropriate priorities (education, training, credentials, experience, beautiful outcomes, and a history of ethical behavior are ALL more important than the price he offers you), you should trust that after a careful examination and review of your goals they are recommending what is best for you.

Have realistic expectations, communicate carefully, listen well, and follow all instructions.

My last thought is- I hope you are not having all of that surgery at once...

What does it mean to be High profile versus low Profile?

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There are many options for breast implants.

1-Smooth versus textured.

2-Round versus anatomic

3- High, Middle and Low profile.

Today we will discuss number 3!

Profile describes the ration of implant width to amount of projection.

For example a 300 cc implant comes in 3 profiles

300 low profile (allergan)   width - 12.5 cm      projection - 3.4 cm

300 middle profile               width - 11.9 cm      projection 4.1 cm

300 high profile                    width - 10.5           projection 5.2

for each profile implant as the volume goes up, both width and projection will increase, but in a different ratio. For instance, low profile implants get wider with less projection, high profile implants will get more projection and less width.


So what is best for you?

If you have pointy breasts - a low profile implant may balance out breast shape.

If you have flat breasts - a middle or high profile implant may be right.

If you have a wide chest width - then a low profile implant may be necessary to add cleavage and break off the chest wall.

A narrow chest may do better with a high profile implant.


If you are assymetrical, different volumes or profiles may help to equal things out. Discuss this with your surgeon, it sounds like he/she is precise with measurements and may be doing exactly what is needed for your situation. Good Luck.

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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A different style implant for each breast

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It is uncommon to use a different style implant for each breast, say a monerate in one, and a high profile in another. It is much more common to use the same style and different size. Some forms of breast asymmetry though might make a different style necessary. Remember you cannot 'try on' a breast implant and know what it will actually look like.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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A Different Style Implant For Each Breast?

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Different style implants are not that common, but differenct size implants are very commonly needed if the patient's breast are asymmetrical. The effort is to make the breast not only larger, but natural and the same shape and size as well. Often breasts are different sizes and shapes. A heavier breast will sag more with time and the nipple will be lower. Occasionally an uplift is necessary on only one side. Communate well with your plastic surgeon so your expectations are met, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Hopefully, this is a long-term commitment for you.

Different Breast Implant Styles?

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Thank you for the question.

Although it is not the commonly done,  it is occasionally necessary to use different styles and/or volumes of breast implants to improve breast symmetry as much as possible.  Sometimes the potential need for different style implants is obvious preoperatively based on the patient's physical examination. At other times, I make the decision interoperability based on breast and/or chest wall asymmetry.

For example, if I find that a patient has a more projecting breast  or chest wall on one side,  I may use a style of breast implants ( with more projection) for the other breast  in order to improve the breast symmetry.

All patients should be aware however,  that despite plastic surgeons best efforts,  absolute symmetry of the breasts  is usually not achievable. " Sisters not twins”.

I hope this helps.

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