Can Style 45 Implant Alleviate the Need for Internal Sutures for Slight Sagging and Too Much of a Gap in Center of Breasts?

After pregnancy I am unhappy with the appearance of my breast aug. Lacking fullness at the top, too much of a gap in the center, and slight sagging. Surgeon suggested internal sutures with an optional implant exchange. "Bilateral Capsulotomy?" My question is whether or not the Style 45 implant would alleviate the need for internal sutures? It seems like the high/round implant would close the gap in the center and lift the breasts some? (Please disregard red mark left from my bra in pic) Any thoughts?

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Implant for revision

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Without an exam, it is quite difficult to assess what could be best for you.  I like you using high profile implants in the right patient, but they are usually not wide implants.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Revision of Breast Implants

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Thank you for your question and photos.  If the breast implants that you currently have are somewhat misplaced, it is unlikely that changing an implant alone will fix the problem.  To determine what the various options are would require an in person exam, rather than just photographs, but is is unlikely that a style 45 alone is the right solution.  These kinds of choices really take finese and experience.  Listen to what your surgeon has suggested.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
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Large implants are a poor way to correct breast sagging

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There is no substitute for an in-person examination but you photo makes me think that your implants are already fairly large. The idea of using a very high profile implant, such as the Allergan Style 45, to correct post-partum laxity is probably not the best idea with or without internal suturing. We, as plastic surgeons, realize that most women are not crazy about the idea of the scars that come along with a breast lift but you have to try to visualize what you want to achieve from your surgery. I would recommend a visit with your plastic surgeon who has the benefit of examining you and ask them to honestly discuss with you what the expected result would be. I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

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