Pain (sensitivity to temperature changes) between two teeth (both are root canal teeth) after preparation for crown?

I had a root canal performed on two teeth since some years, without any problem. My dentist have prepared the teeth for crown months ago, since then I am experiencing extreme sensitivity to cold (to less extend to hot). Even cold air during breathing may be sufficient to cause pain. The Pain is between the both teeth, and it does not feel like toothache. X-Ray was done and showed no infection or abnormality. It is about 5 Months now and the pain is still there (a little bit better). Any help?

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Pain in two root canal teeth

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Hi!  Pain in previously root canal teeth with cold sensitivity usually means there could be an active canal not seen on previous treatment.  X-rays don't show everything so it doesn't mean you have no infection.  It means the X-ray detected no infection when there might be infection there but too small to detect.   A cone beam 3D X-ray might give you answers whether you have reinfection or not.  

I suggest having an endodontist  with 3D X-ray help you.

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