My Mouth Protrudes and I Have No Nose Bridge? (photo)

Hi I have protruded mouth, no bridge and a slightly receded chin. I know that for know I would like a bridge on my nose, the tip slightly down and the chin moved forward. But I am concerned about my protruded mouth. I would want it to be more flat, or at least so its more balanced looking with my nose and chin. Do I need to find a surgeon that can move the protruded mouth back? Or can it be fixed with just adjusting the nose and the chin?

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Protruding lip

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Do your teeth fit together or does your upper teeth stick forward? By projecting your chin and changing your nose, your upper lip fullness may be adequately camouflaged . If not, and if your bite is normal, then a central lip reduction would work.

David Ellis MD FRCSC
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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